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6.0 Gebaseerd op 2 beoordelingen
2 personen hebben dit restaurant beoordeeld
Door uw ervaringen te delen, helpt u anderen bij het maken van hun keuze.
Datum restaurantbezoek: 13/08/2017
Quentin beveelt dit restaurant aan voor: Beste waarde

Great Asian cuisine adapted for western taste

I went there twice over the last month with 2 friends, always in the evening. I took different starters and different dishes each time. It is simply excellent. Incredible value for your money.

Datum restaurantbezoek: 27/04/2017
Anna beveelt dit restaurant aan voor: Beste waarde

Very unfriendly staff!

Working at the Luxembourg Gare area, we used to go regularly to this restaurant, however we decided to stop going as the staff is just extremely rude. They make no effort whatsoever to be friendly or nice to their customers, in addition each week we have the same problem with the lunch vouchers. They made their own rule that they do not give back more than 3.40 in cash, so I've found myself giving them two lunch vouchers but they refused as they had to give back 3.60 in cash! Because of the 20 cent I had to pay with my credit card! Having the majority of their customers paying with lunch vouchers at lunch, they should really make some efforts to accomodate their customers, especially when it concerns only 20 cent. They will lose a lot of customers because of that, at least they've already lost 6 from our company! I hope that you will be able to make some adjustments in future to gain back your customers that you lost! Kr Anna

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